YEAR 1954
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After several months in Pollença, the couple move to Son Armadans, in Palma. They will live in that house until the autumn of 1956.

The house is located at number 1 on the former Calle Bosque, now Calle Camilo José Cela. It was their first house in Palma; its location near Gomila Square caught their interest.

It is here where they make contact with local writers and writers from the peninsula, giving rise to the Conferencias de la Calle Bosque (Calle Bosque Talks), in which prominent figures such as Blas de Otero, Ana María Matute or Lorenzo Villalonga take part.

The first residence of Mr and Mrs Cela in Palma no longer exists as such. Now it is home to a variety of souvenir shops and businesses.